ALONG. Weather has been great for the bike rides this week. I leave the house no later that 6AM and am back by 8AM on the long rides, sooner on the shorter rides.
My goals are to do 10 miles @ 3 times per week and 20 miles @ 2 times per week. (I take the weekends off for recuperation.)
Folks who do not cycle tell me that this is a lot of riding. I know one guy who rides 27 miles per day, but he makes a strategic stop at a Starbucks each day. My rides are non-stop, except for traffic signal lights, or to clear my dripping sinuses. The spouse of a lady at my local grocery rides 25 miles, but he does this with no consistency.
Thus, I have no idea if my riding is a lot or not. I just do what I want to do and enjoy it. It is great exercise and gets me out of the house.
Of course, I still make trips to the grocery store and other nearby businesses. I seldom count these as a ride since the total mileage is rarely over 5 miles and the return is mostly down hill coasting anyway.
I just keep rolling along and enjoying life. Hope everyone else does the same.



I noted on the early broadcast that the EMMY AWARD nominations were annouinced.
I watch almost none of the shows that were nominated.
Big Bang Theory is the only one in the group that I watch with any regularity. I even watch the re-run re-runs of this.
Otherwise, I guess I just do not fit into the American viewer demographics that seem to make for audience development.

Good for me!


Yesterday I had a goal of 10 miles for my bike ride.  I rode 15+.

Since I stopped to blow my nose a couple of times and paused the trip timer AND forgot to start it again for some miles, the trip was actually longer, but I counted only those miles I had registered on the trip distance.

This morning I did not stop but twice to clear the snoze and kept the timer going.  My goal on Tuesdays and Thursdays is 20 miles.  Today’s route is just slightly over that (20.3) and I managed to keep a decent average speed.  My goal for av. sp. is 10MPH.  Today was 10.8 AMPH.  So, I am a happy camper!!

Hello world!

As I look around this blog site and try to figure it out, it occurs to me that one should already know how to operate a blog site before trying to operate a blog site.

I discovered a video when I signed in to my blog the second time.  It says this should be as easy as writing an email.  NOT.  But, I still have more than three little grey cells functioning, so I shall persevere and figure it out.