ALONG. Weather has been great for the bike rides this week. I leave the house no later that 6AM and am back by 8AM on the long rides, sooner on the shorter rides.
My goals are to do 10 miles @ 3 times per week and 20 miles @ 2 times per week. (I take the weekends off for recuperation.)
Folks who do not cycle tell me that this is a lot of riding. I know one guy who rides 27 miles per day, but he makes a strategic stop at a Starbucks each day. My rides are non-stop, except for traffic signal lights, or to clear my dripping sinuses. The spouse of a lady at my local grocery rides 25 miles, but he does this with no consistency.
Thus, I have no idea if my riding is a lot or not. I just do what I want to do and enjoy it. It is great exercise and gets me out of the house.
Of course, I still make trips to the grocery store and other nearby businesses. I seldom count these as a ride since the total mileage is rarely over 5 miles and the return is mostly down hill coasting anyway.
I just keep rolling along and enjoying life. Hope everyone else does the same.


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