An ‘old fogey’ may be a misnomer, perhaps not.  Friends, probably generously, do not call me OLD, but I am working on it.   One dictionary defines FOGEY as: A person, typically an old one, who is considered to be old-fashioned or conservative in attitude or tastes.

I try not to be set in my ways too much.  But, there are ideas, beliefs, etc. that have stood up well for me and I continue with same.  So in that sense, I am an ‘old fogey’.  I do try to listen to the other fellows opinions, even if I do believe them to be in error.

I AM a biker.  More accurately I am  a cyclist.

In late 2009, my spouse and I relocated to Tucson, AZ, U. S. A. where there are many miles of designated bike routes and bike lanes. At that time, I took advantage of the fact that our car was in my spouse’s  name, plated in the foreign country where we had lived, and the domestic insurance we bought was put into his name.  It was only good if he was driving the car.   So I took the opportunity to stop driving and have not done so since the move.

I do not miss driving.  I always hated driving.  Other than public buses or riding with my spouse when we go someplace, I ride my 21-speed bicycle.  Trips to the doctor, grocery, barber, etc.  I also ride several miles each day just for the heck of it.


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